Cool Ideas For Homemade Graduation Cakes

25 Aug

Nurse Cake Decorations

What do they like? What school are they graduating from? Is it kindergarten? College? High School? Here are some ideas depending on where they are graduating from Kindergarten If you are making graduation cakes for a young person for their kindergarten graduation then you make want to go with cupcakes. If you really have some cake baking skills you can make a cake in the shape of a graduation hat or a diploma. To get ideas look no further than your grade. High School You cannot go wrong with the classic graduation cap and diploma cake. Cake Idea Tips There are many ideas for graduation cakes. Medical School If you have a family member friend graduating from medical school what a better idea than to make a cake that is decorated in the field they are graduating in.

Nurse Cake Decorations

Nurse Cake Decorations

Be honest with yourself when choosing your cake concept. Deciding on baking a cake for a family member or friend who is graduating? You want to make it special but are not sure how? No worries you can make special graduation cakes easily no matter what skill level in baking Nurse Cake Decorations. You can make individual little cupcakes and decorate them however you want maybe fill them with a cream or fruity filling for a delightful surprise inside. Words of advice though do not try to do a cake that may be over your skill level Nurse Cake Decorations.

If you have really never baked a cake before or just maybe few times then you might not want to try to make a three story cake for the special occasion. For something fun and quirky makes a person shaped cake and decorate them in the high school cap and. You can either draw it yourself or find cute little cake toppers to put on the cake. Is someone becoming an EMT? A great idea is making a cake decorated like a medical symbol becoming an EMT? Make a medical symbol cake.

Nurse Cake Decorations

For example if someone has gone to nursing school you can decorate the cake with an old style nurse’s hat and congratulations written next to it. You can go from the simple to the extravagant all depending on you.

Nurse Cake Decorations

Nurse Cake Decorations


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