Nautical Baby Shower Theme Ideas

28 Aug

Nautical Cake Decorations

Other ideas are making it look like a treasure map a paper sailboat an anchor or a lifesaver. Here are a few ideas of what you could serve in keeping. Next thing to think about are the supplies you will need for the baby shower. You can also scatter real nautical items like rope netting paddles a captain’s wheel starfish or general boat items. When planning a nautical themed party you can use all kinds of miniatures on table tops and to hang from walls and doors. Make sure the cups plates napkins cake decorations are all matching nautical colors like blue red and white or another color that compliments the shower’s decor.

Nautical Cake Decorations

Nautical Cake Decorations

When deciding on what kind of invitation you want to send out there are many unique ideas to use for this theme. These are really functional because they can be used as decoration then taken home as favors which saves some extra time and money. It’s a good idea to stop by a craft store or browse for one online to spark some inspiration and get those creative juices flowing. The details make decorating a fun experience. Tablecloths can have a nautical theme printed on the fabric.

Get creative with the invitations. Purchase matching tableware for the shower. Send out a ‘message in a bottle’ invite using a real bottle or making it out of paper. Here are some ideas for the menu: The menu will largely depend on two factors what the budget is and what time of day the baby shower will be held. Some items could be miniature sailboats anchors sea creatures seashells or lighthouses. For a cute party favor consider mini sailboats filled with lifesavers candy Nautical Cake Decorations. Think of the fun to be had when using a theme like this one.

Nautical Cake Decorations

Find cute trinkets that you can hot glue onto the invitation to make it even cuter. Sailboats sand seashells and more! If you’re having a baby boy nautical is a really cool theme to consider when planning a shower. Have images displayed on the walls or even make some decoratives out of construction paper Nautical Cake Decorations.

Nautical Cake Decorations

Nautical Cake Decorations


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