The Lessons Learned From Finding Nemo

28 Aug

Nemo Cake Decorations

When his father finds out what happened he races to follow the boat but is not able to catch up. With Nemo’s ingenuity Dory is able to break free from the net along with. One day while he and his friends are out he swims into open water against his father’s wishes. They encounter a series of adventures meeting with sharks a school of sea turtles and a bluewhale Nemo Cake Decorations. This little girl has a history of shaking fish containers so violently causing trauma to the fish which eventually caused its death. They see each other but the reunion is interrupted because Dory gets caught in a fishnet. As Nemo grows up and starts school he becomes more inquisitive and longs to be independent.

Nemo Cake Decorations

Nemo Cake Decorations

Thinking of the worst they decide to go home and leave going their separate ways. All except one Gil had never been to the ocean. He and his friends realize later on that he is going to be a gift for the dentist’s niece Darla. He makes friends easily and learns to do things on his own. As he mentions his name Dory has a flashback of memory and tells him she knows where to find his father. Along the way he meets Dory a regal tang with short-term memory loss who tags along with Marlin in his quest to find his son.

But because his father is always hanging around everywhere he goes telling him what to do and what not to do Nemo has developed a tendency to be disobedient. Nemo ends up in an aquarium in a dentist’s office where he meets other fish. Meanwhile the Marlin-Dory friendship has taught Marlin to be brave and carefree Nemo Cake Decorations. This film is about a father’s love for his only son. As they arrive in Sydney they search for Nemo in vain. After losing his wife Coral when a barracuda attacked their home Marlin vows to never let anything happen to his son.

Nemo Cake Decorations

Father and son finally reunite after Dory accidentally meets Nemo in the ocean. Marlin an overprotective clownfish is determined to shield and look after his son Nemo at all cost. There he is captured by a scuba diver and taken away.

Nemo Cake Decorations

Nemo Cake Decorations


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