Delightful Mother’s Day Cake Ideas

3 Sep

Mothers Day Cake Decorations

If using fruit roll ribbon wrap around the hat and then tie a bow in the back allowing ends to gracefully trail down. Remember to leave room for piping your “Happy Mother’s Day” message. Moser Do level the 9-inch layer which will form the brim. Mother’s Day Hat Cake Ingredients: 2 round cakes one 8-inch and one 9-inch cooled Mothers Day Cake Decorations. Smooth on buttercream or filling. Murrells Inlet South Carolina Need help getting your buttercream nice and smooth? Check out our article Perfectly Smooth Buttercream! And here are some more Mother’s Day cake ideas! Vegetable Garden Cake This is a great cake idea for a mother who loves gardening as much as she loves reminding her children to eat their.

Mothers Day Cake Decorations

Mothers Day Cake Decorations

If adding filling pipe a dam with the buttercream so filling doesn’t ooze out after the top layer is added Mothers Day Cake Decorations. Set aside Don’t level because the mound on the layer will give the hat a nice curve. The hat may be elegant whimsical silly fancy or whatever best matches the guest of honor’s tastes and style. Then set the 6-inch layer on top smoothing buttercream over the entire hat.

You may want to decorate the hat with flowers such as buttercream roses or with a combination of flowers and figures – perhaps daisies and a bumblebee! You could even create a straw hat pattern by pressing a fork into the buttercream. A fabulous gathering of tips techniques and recipes that only experience can offer.” I. The Hat Cake instructions are adapted from Volume 2 of our “Cake Decorating Made Easy!” Video Books. Place the 9-inch layer on a cake plate. 4 cups buttercream icing 3 feet of fruit roll ribbon or ribbon made from fondant Trim the edges of the 8-inch layer until it is 6 inches in diameter (or smaller if you want the brim to be wider in relation to the top).

Mothers Day Cake Decorations

Here’s what one reader had to say about them: “Well worth the investment. If using fondant for the ribbon and bow create these separately and then attach to the hat using icing as glue.

Mothers Day Cake Decorations


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