Monkey Cake Ideas

3 Sep

Monkey Cake Decorations

You will probably have to shave off a small part of each mini cake to make more realistic ears. Make monkey cupcakes. Bake a chocolate cake using two round pans. Use a standard cake These are available at or in cake supply stores. Frost all cakes with chocolate icing and attach the ears to each side of the large cake. Decorate the cake with yellow icing for the inside of the ears and mouth. You can find complete kits which include plastic monkeys palm trees and green sprinkles. With a monkey theme being so popular for birthdays and baby showers you will be sure to impress your guests by baking your own monkey cake.

Monkey Cake Decorations

Monkey Cake Decorations

There are a variety of ways you can do this: Bake a plain cake and add monkey decorations. Use thin black licorice to outline the body and yellow frosting for the facial features. Chocolate cupcakes in decorative yellow tins with a cupcake topper are easy to create. The small cakes are used for the monkey’s ears. Look at how other people are decorating their cakes. A little stuffed monkey would be a great topper but be sure to put something under it so that threads do not become part of the frosting. Use black licorice for the nose and mouth. Get a monkey shaped pan Monkey Cake Decorations.

You can also take a banana cake recipe and make cupcakes with it. A monkey cake picture is worth 1 000 words. Chocolate buttercream frosting tastes best on them Monkey Cake Decorations. Flickr is a fantastic website for ideas so here are lots of monkey cake photos. Bake two mini cakes in individual pie plates or small oven-safe bowls. Two large jellybeans or Hershey’s Kisses make great eyes. Toy stores give you the option of of mixing and matching your decorations by offering numerous small jungle and Curious George toys.

Monkey Cake Decorations

Monkey Cake Decorations

Monkey Cake Decorations


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